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Educators change the lives of children. Children go on to change the world. Keedar's world started when his parents, Curtis and Marsha Whittle, instilled the understanding that education unlocks opportunities.  Keedar's mother is a retired Atlanta Public School principal, and his sister, Zakiyya Whittle, serves as an Assistant Principal for Clayton County. With education being at the forefront of his life, he decided to pursue higher education at Norfolk State University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree. While attending, he played basketball and became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.


Keedar's next adventure took him to Boston, where his love for education and the arts grew tremendously. So much so that he won his first award while acting in Hovey Players, Waltham production “G.R. Point”. The awards were awesome, but education stayed top of mind for Keedar. While in Boston, he was a science coordinator for three independent middle schools. During his tenor, he was responsible for developing a science curriculum and training educators on how to teach the curriculum. This strengthened the foundation of the science program and its implementation.

New York City

Keedar's next stop was New York City, where he studied on Broadway at the famed, Circle in The Square Theatre. After two years on Broadway, he took things out west to Los Angeles, where he continued his acting career, while substitute teaching with LAUSD. After 12 awesome years in LA, he returned home to Atlanta. Keedar is still intrigued by the arts. However, his main focus is running and scaling "Educators Now". Educators Now staffs QUALITY educators in childcare facilities, grade schools, and after-school programs on a permanent or as-needed basis. Keedar's latest venture is "Tutors On Demand", which is virtual or agreed upon location tutoring for all subjects K-12 and Test Taking.

Whittle Family.jpg

While Keedar is passionate about developing others, he is always eager to learn. He recently graduated from the "Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Program" on the campus of Babson College. He also serves faithfully as a board member with BCDI (Atlanta) and Rebound in Minneapolis, a group home serving first offenders. Keedar enjoys his beautiful wife, Courtney Whittle, who is a lead Pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente Group. They have four beautiful children. The whole family loves to wear matching shirts at every birthday and love traveling.

“You can make 2+2=5..and don’t stop trying to make it happen!”-Keedar Whittle

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