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My View of 2020

A Letter From A CEO

A "new normal" has begun, and mentalities have been altered forever. To me, 2020 has been about Kobe, COVID-19, and Conscience.


When I found out about Kobe's death, it was hard to believe, and I thought, "He went too soon." I've always admired Kobe for athletic abilities and being a successful businessman. In his passing, I started to admire Kobe even more so based on his role as a father. Me being a father of 4, it made me appreciate Kobe even more. His death had random brothers calling each other and saying, "I Love You, Brother." There was a unity that I haven't experienced in a while amongst sports fans, girl dads, fathers, moms, and others. It was nice to give and receive emotions without judgment.


Shortly, after Kobe's death, COVID-19 happened, and there has been and continues to be a lot of uncertainty. COVID-19 has shown us that our education system is not equipped to handle many issues. COVID-19 has also revealed problems with equality and equity, even amongst school districts. For example, some students had i-pads and laptops and submitted assignments online, while others did not have this option. Some children that live in homes with multiple children do not have strong enough internet service to allow each of them to learn online.

Now that we are possibly transitioning into a hybrid style learning, how will we ensure that our scholars are prepared for what's next? We must continue to ask ourselves how we will be able to teach scholars online successfully. With budgets being cut, how will we ensure that scholars are getting the education they deserve?


There is a highlight on racial injustices as of late. Parts of history are repeating themselves. Now that these stories are being exposed and we are bringing attention to the issues, now what? Now that some of these stories of successful cities and people of color have surfaced, how will we rewrite the curriculum so that it is more inclusive of the impact people of color have had on history? The curriculum must be changed to avoid systematic oppression. People of color often do not know their history. What are we doing in our schools, if the history isn't being taught at home, to ensure equity and equality are top of mind?

I am excited because positive and like-minded people are coming together to push the envelope forward. I look forward to seeing how educators and staff will come together to work towards equity and equality while getting prepared to improve their capabilities to support scholars. I most look forward to seeing fathers enjoy the role of being a father and providing a legacy for their child.


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